Address: 227 West St, St. Anthony, NL A0K 4S0
Phone: (709) 454-3829   Fax (709) 454-3019
Grenfell Memorial Co-op has been open since June of 1908. It was initially started as a Spotcash by Doctor Grenfell. This great doctor felt the need to start a Co-op in St. Anthony to aid the fisherman that were in debt to the merchants. At the time, a barter system in the acquirement of food and fishing items was being used. With this system, the exchange of fish for supplies meant that at years end, no actual money was being put back into the hands of the fishermen. Thinking this unfair, Dr Grenfell started the Spot Cash Store that would then become The Spot Cash Co-operative Company Limited.
Grenfell Memorial Co-op is the oldest consumers Co-op in Newfoundland and Labrador, and is among the oldest consumer cooperatives in Canada. The cost of the share has not changed since its beginning at $5 per share. For new members, this starting fee of $5 plus a $2.50 “Membership Scan Card” fee is all that is required to become a part “owner” in this unique part of St. Anthony and area’s history.
Through the years, Grenfell Co-op has faced many ups and downs. There were times when the store did quite well and a portion of the profit was passed back to its member/owners in dividends. Sadly though, there have been more unprofitable years than there were profitable ones.
Anyone not from the area, is as welcome to the store as those that are from the area. We would love to have you pay us a visit, take in the great specials, learn more about Grenfell Memorial Co-op, and see the pictures that adorn our walls from years gone by. Drop by and pay us a visit if you are ever in St.Anthony, NL
Stores Motto: “Each for all and all for each”
Full legal name: Grenfell Memorial Consumers Co-operative Society Ltd.
Commonly used Name: Grenfell Memorial Co-op
Please feel free to pass on any comments, questions or suggestions to us.